Have you ever considered how the design of your bedroom might impact your ?  We’ve come up with some ideas to make your room a super zzzzone.


Blackout Shades:

This might seem obvious but so many people go without these.  Darkness is essential for quality !  Street and car lights, moonlight and a variety of other light sources can keep you from getting quality .   It’s as simple as lining your shades or Roman panels in a blackout fabric.

Warm Lighting:

decorating for       warm lighting

Warm lighting, like that of a candle creates a relaxing, mellow ambiance that helps your body prepare for . Also, it just looks nice.Consider adjusting the lighting in your room.  Lamps and lower lighting as well as dimmer switches are ideal!


Extra electronics, cords and books should be stowed away.  Consider getting some kind of basket or container for the books and notepads you’d normally stack by the bed. Everything should have a place.  A peaceful space makes for a peaceful .


Plants clean toxins out of the air and provide tranquility to a space.  Gazing at green plants for a period of time each day actually improves your happiness and  a plant or two in the bedroom will add a nice touch of color.

Simplify Your Palette: 

Photo from isolotti.com

Busy patterns make for a busy brain.  Think of having more textures and fewer patterns or if you really love patterns, consider mixing patterned pillows with a solid bedspread.  You don’t have to go monotone but it’s not a bad idea!

Buy a New Mattress: People tend to hold onto their mattresses until they are literally unbearable! You might be ing in an uncomfortable bed and not even know it.   Check out your friends beds, lay down on a mattress in a furniture store,  consider your options.