We recently had a nice little sit down at Proper Brewing Co,

on the south Main Street, (857 South to be exact), corridor of downtown Salt Lake. Owned by the good folks who opened Avenues Proper; this newer establishment sports two skee-ball lanes, a shuffle board, pool tables, a pinball machine, an arcade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, and BEER. They feature about twelve of their own amazing brews both on tap and in the bottle. Upon ordering our first beer flight, one of our team was challenged to a game of skee-ball by another bar patron. She engaged promptly, (smoked the poor fellow who presented the challenge), and went back to sampling the wide variety of beers on tap.

The beers were all very good, (we tried most of them), but perhaps the most unique and most Salt Lake beer was the Lake Effect Gose ale, whose name is “a tribute to Randall Pink Floyd, the legendary rogue flamingo that resided at the Great Salt Lake. ” Gose ale is “an archaic, German-style ale brewed with over 50% wheat, coriander and local salt”.

After our sampling smorgasborg, we walked next door to Proper Burger Co.plopped down in a cosy booth and ordered food.

Many burgers were sampled but the Ultimate Hipster Burger, (yeah, a little much), but this black bean burger with tomato jam, kale pesto, herb cheese spread, garlic aioli and spinach was seriously a delight to eat. Perfectly composed and so flavorful without a hint of the blah blandness that seems inherent to the classic veggie burger. After a long discussion about food scenes in larger, food-hip cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia, and then our favorite spots in Salt Lake City, we decided that this Hipster Burger is hands down one of the best we’ve had. And was that a dream or did we eat an entire plate of cheese wiz fries? I think that was real. And they were pretty de-lish.