Every weekday from 7am to 9pm (10:30am to 10pm Fridays and Saturdays) Aubergine & Company in Sugar House serves up a fair of healthy, unique, natural, and completely delicious food that the most health conscious nut could get behind.

fast casual restaurant that “focuses on nutrients, not calories,” Aubergine & Co has an underlying Mediterranean theme that banishes the stereotype that healthy food must taste bad. It prides itself on creating meals that use real foods not processed, avoid sugar, and contain good fats, not bad ones.

The menu can seem a little intimidating at first glance, especially if you are not familiar with some of the latest health food trends. Read: quinoa, chickpea flour, acai, carob chips. But the staff is willing to walk even the most intimidated novice foodie through all five-ish sections of their menu, making it very do-able. You get to help craft the meal of your choice, and if you venture a salad, watch as the ingredients are diced up and assembled right in front of you.

As the health conscious proponents we like to say we are at Latitude 40, we all ordered off the salad menu. We can say with confidence the Exotic Salad, packed with avocado, beats, pecans, and other delicious accoutrements, is must-try on the menu, as well as the create your own Mediterranean salad bar. Along with our salads, we did try the baked sweet potato bites which our table gobbled up so fast we hardly had time to talk. And of course, no restaurant trial is complete without dessert. We selected the avocado key lime pie for the dairy-free among us, and we not disappointed. The avocado creates such a smooth, rich texture, you have to remind yourself you’re not eating the old fashioned recipe.

We will be heading back soon to check out their acai bowl bar and smoothies on our next trip, and will definitely be back anytime we are looking for a great tasting and great for us meal.