Chocolatey Mountain Getaway Just Minutes From SLC

Ritual Chocolate Factory offers a delicious treat in a picturesque mountain setting

Salt Lake City has a surprisingly rich chocolate culture, boasting 8 small batch chocolate makers within 60 miles of downtown. When someone mentions chocolate, my mind goes directly to European chocolates. The Belgians and Swiss are famous for it. The origins of Chocolate however lie deep in the amazon rain forest, where the beans were a currency and “chocolate” was a drink reserved for the upper class and religious

The roll mill refines the chocolate giving it that buttery texture

“Rituals”. Chocolate is in some respects still a ritual in our lives. We often enjoy chocolate as a companion to coffee to start the day off right, or with wine, bringing the day to a tasty close. Ritual Chocolate in Park City, just a half hour drive into the mountains, keeps that idea in mind as it makes its dark chocolate.

Robbie Stout and Anna Davies, owners of Ritual Chocolate Factory, have proven that quality is their number one priority over and over. They work the incredible flavors already present in the cacao beans to the front, through a week-long process. All the cacao is personally selected for its quality and integrity. Most of the chocolate made at Ritual is single origin, meaning the difference in taste is solely a product of the difference in region. And it is quite delightful how different they actual are, despite being the same recipe! Robbie and Anna have been making small batch chocolate for five years now but they might as well be veterans. They are recognized as making some of the best, purest chocolate in the world, as proven by having won two awards for specialty foods.

Ritual is also know locally for its amazing coffee bar

A barista is ready to make anything from a hot chocolate to a french press or espresso.

In addition to the fine dark chocolate production, Ritual Chocolate offers a great little third wave coffee shop/store front. One can order a single origin pour over and watch as the chocolate making ensues. Ritual Chocolate is just far enough, and in such a beautiful mountain setting, to be a little escape. The coffee shop is a great venue for a first date or for a Sunday getaway for the family. For me at least, any occasion is an occasion for chocolate!

Ritual Chocolate Factory is located in Park City at 1105 Iron Horse Drive.

Coffee Shop Hours: Mon-Sat 7.00 am to 6.00 pm

Sun 8.00 am to 5.00 pm