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Tips from Marie Kondo: A Home Organization Guru

Marie Kondo, expert and consultant of organization. Photo owned by Marie Kondo

All of us could use a little help occasionally organizing our messy lives. The law of Entropy dictates that the universe trends toward the disorganized; no wonder it’s so hard to keep an organized desk! One person, however has unlocked the secret to an uncluttered and clean existence. This person is none other than Marie Kondo, Japanese organization expert and consultant. She brings a new, almost religious approach to reducing clutter and restoring order to your life.

Kondo’s folding technique, folding clothing into squares and then folding and placing into drawers like so, color and texture coordinated so you can see your wardrobe. See the link complete video tutorial below!

Besides the ordinary tidying tips, like how to properly store your wardrobe, Marie emphasizes the importance of decluttering. We all have things that are only in the way. These things make their way into our lives and are in some cases hard to get rid of. They may be mementos to an occasion that had some significance. Marie Kondo’s technique, called KonMari, for deciding whether to get rid of something, is to ask ourselves “does this thing Spark Joy?” In other words, does this particular item bring pleasure into your life? If it doesn’t, there is no reason to keep it and it should be let go. Once you have found the items that “spark joy” in your life, it will be much easier to discard the ones that don’t.

Marie encourages focus on these items you are keeping rather than the ones that didn’t make the cut. It can be very stressful and distracting trying to wade through sentimental items. Marie suggests tackling categories of things instead of rooms, with the sentimental item group coming last. Only after decluttering clothing, books, papers and random items can we begin to look at our sentimental things.

In addition to her consulting work, Marie has written four books on de-cluttering and de-stressing hectic lives. Marie has made it her life work to streamline and organize the world one office or home at a time.

And NOW, check out this super-handy Marie Kondo folding tutorial on GOOP.