Hygge: Cosy Design for All Seasons

Hygge, pronounced like hoo-gah, is a Danish word, that for lack of a proper translation, means “cosy.” But hygge is more than a word, it’s a way of life. It’s enjoying the warmth of good friends in a comforting atmosphere. It’s turning off your cell phones and being in the moment. It’s putting on a soft sweater and feeling the sweet fabric touching your skin. Hygge is also one the latest trends to impact design this year. Check out our blog post on this cosy, thoughtful way of living. And then, just for fun-say the word out loud. Hoo-gah.

How can you make your home more hygglelig? (hoo-gah-lee)

Textures: Think of the quality of the textiles you bring into your living spaces. Think of natural, high quality materials that will stand the test of time, sheepskins on the floor and chairs, natural cottons, wools and warmth. Place blankets and pillows on the couches, rugs on the floor. Wooden bowls and spoons and handcrafted ceramics are so much better than generic, mass-produced all matching sets. In warmer weather silks, cottons, and lightweight textiles will do, they are also hygge.

Imperfection: Don’t try too hard! You don’t need everything to match, to line up, to be perfectly clean. That’s the beauty of a lived in space. The use, the wear and tear of everyday life is part of what makes your possessions glow with warmth. This is hygge.

All Things Round: Hygge encourages softness. Round tables make conversation easier, plus everyone can reach the food and drinks!

Thoughtful Touches: Hygge is all in the details. Hygge is a tablecloth and cloth napkins on the table. It’s getting your friend tea and adding just the perfect touch of honey. It’s serving a cup of coffee on a saucer. it’s the blankets on the couch. It’s the welcome mat. It’s listening closely to your friend’s story instead of spacing out halfway through. It’s calling your mom to tell her you love her.

Lighting: Hygge lighting is warm lighting, no overhead lighting allowed! Overhead lighting casts hard shadow and makes a space seem cold. Turn off the overhead lights and light some candles and turn on lamps. If you don’t have a real fireplace, the Yule Log on Netflix will light up your living room with a lovely faux fire. Or a string of lines will always do.

Food & Drink: There’s nothing like a full belly to bring comfort to you and your loved ones. Mulled wine and wassail, whiskey and apple cider, hot tea, soups and roasts, fresh baked breads and pies. Just the smell of these foods is enough to hygge up your home. We partake in the most Hyggelig Monday soup night where all of our friends gather early, being what foods are leftover in their refrigerators and cook a homemade meal together. Once the weather warms up packing up a picnic basket and a nice blanket and laying in the park is hygge and so is a backyard barbecue set to music and glowing lanterns.

Friends: Cosiness is multiplied when its shared with others. Invite your closest buds over for a tea, a roast beef dinner, an apple pie, or just cuddle in bed with your pet, that will do too.